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In less than 30 years, Gers Equipement has established itself as an undisputed leader in household appliances, cooking and tableware. Today its products can be found in most distribution chains, and the brands are well known for their quality and dynamic character.

Based in Mirande, in the heart of the Gers region, well known for its generous gastronomy, the company is the Ambassador for the pleasure of cooking and the art of good living. In its catalogues are several thousand  gourmet references.

1988 Company set up

1997 GIMEL bought out

2004 FAVECO bought out

2005 EQUINOX and CREALYS brand launches

2009 AMBIANCE NATURE brand launch

2011 VERCERAL and SOGEX bought out

2013 SITRAM bought out

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Avenue de Larbonne – BP 7
32300 Mirande cedex – France

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