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» Our specialities

Not only specialists in Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Cooking ranges, but also in the realm of tableware in supermarkets and hypermarkets, our experience and expertise allows us to design and realise specific operations and adapted to your requirements.

Linear permanent, mini collections or dynamic seasonal operations, cross marketing and promotional activities are at the heart of our business.

The installation and ongoing management of permanent ranges in Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Discount stores.

For each of the ranges we offer, according to the expectations of our customers and our market research, the best assortments of products selected for their quality and their relevance to new consumer tendencies.

Next, we guarantee you the follow-up:

  • A tailor-made planogram of presentation depending on the location in the store, the available displays, the commercial potential … etc.,
  • Proposals for changes and evolution of the shelves to optimize and sustain its profitability,
  • Continual merchandising,
  • An indispensable instrument panel with our profitability studies, and turnover per m2, on the spit, per product, linear, … etc..

Trading operations and promotions.

With our powerful capacity of sourcing and logistics, we can respond immediately to requests for specific promotional operations “customised service”.

We find the product, the reference, adapting, composition, novelty desired, at the right price, and can offer a specific cover for marketing operations.

In this context, we also develop concepts of head of gondolas, dynamic concepts based on mass sales and highlighting products and “ready to sell” modules (displays).

We provide all services  from logistics, preparation and delivery to plant, warehouse or store throughout Europe.


Marketing Know-how

The department of marketing, design and integrated computer animation identifies trends and designs, which are turned into customised concepts. To improve communication between product and customer , we use informative decoration and mini screens on location in the store.

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